Placing your order:

By E-mail:

When ordering by E-mail, please be sure to include the following information:

  • Your full name.
  • Your mailing address including Postal Code.
  • Your home (evening) telephone number.
  • Your work (day) telephone number.
  • Your desired method of shipping (Parcel post, Standard ground, 3-day air, 2-day air, Overnight air).
  • Your desired method of payment (Credit card, money order, C.O.D.).

By our Toll free number:

If you are uncomfortable sending credit card information over the internet, please feel free to call our toll free line at 1-877-HOBBIE1(462-2431) to set up your account and give the operator your order. You can then place orders by E-mail with the request to charge the order to the card number on file.

By Fax:

You may also fax your order to our 24 hr faxline at 514-744-5898
If your choice of method of payment is credit card, please include the following information:

  • Your full credit card number.
  • The expiration date of your credit card.
  • The full name printed on your credit card.
  • Your billing address (if different from the shipping address).

Include the following product information on each of the items you wish to order:

  • The quantity of the item you wish to order.
  • The Part number of the item.
  • A brief description of the item.
  • Whether you wish to have the item backordered if it is currently out of stock.

Also, please include a return E-mail address. We will attempt to acknowledge receipt of your order.
Your order will generally be processed within 24 hours of receipt during weekdays.

Prices and specifications in this catalog are as current as possible. However, our manufacturers and distributors will, from time to time, make changes without notice which would require us to make adjustments accordingly.